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Article: Spring Fashion, But Make It Sustainable!

Sophie Summer colour clash image trend outfit.
Style Inspiration

Spring Fashion, But Make It Sustainable!

Hello, Happy New Year! Welcome to Sophie Summer in 2022. We’re already deep into January and our minds are turning to Spring fashions.  

Following another dark winter, the days are getting longer and there is, quite literally, a light at the end of the tunnel.

The new year can be a good time to make some positive changes, such as committing to a more sustainable wardrobe. On the other hand, denying yourself something entirely can result in binges and excesses later on. Just as giving up chocolate for lent can have you craving it morning noon and night, banning yourself from shopping entirely can cause you to revolt!

It’s not about not shopping entirely, then. It’s  about shopping more consciously and buying after you’ve exhausted other possibilities.

Buy Less, Buy Better 

Many challenges are posted on the Internet, such as not shopping for a month (barring essentials). Using a method such as ‘five out, one in’ where you sell, donate, or recycle five items of clothing before you buy another can help you to focus on purchases that you will value more. Unsubscribing from fast fashion brands’ mailing lists may help you shop less and buy better. 

Remember that fashion trends are cyclical, so hoarders sometimes have an advantage!

Even if you don’t have anything suitable in your own wardrobe - biker jacket anyone? You may find that your local thrift shop does. 

That’s all very well, but what do those in the know say we should be buying ahead of Spring 2022?

Key Trends

A lot of Y2K influence was seen at shows, with crop tops, skinny scarves, low rise trousers, Grecian draping, cargo pants and body chains seen everywhere from Blumarine to Tom Ford. 

Vogue noted an emphasis on sexy style but also on fun. Smiling models of far more diverse shapes and sizes than the last decade were smiling at the likes of Chanel.

There’s a sense that, following multiple lockdowns, you can’t possibly be overdressed anymore. With so much flesh on display, you can’t really be underdressed either!

As noted in our Autumn/Winter sustainable style guide dark periods of history such as the Covid-19 pandemic often give way to a celebratory style featuring sequins, embellishments, and sparkles galore. 

If you prefer something slightly more understated, you may want to dip your toe into one of the other key trends, interpreted by our resident stylist and designer, Sophie Scott.

Embrace the Colour Purple!

Purple is big news thanks to Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year, Very Peri. This year marks the first time the company has created an entirely new colour. Usually, the colour of the year is simply selected from the existing roster. This new shade is described as ‘a periwinkle blue with a violet red undertone’. The company said it is the “happiest and warmest of all the blue hues’ intended to symbolise new possibilities and transition. 

In other words, it’s the perfect colour for the ‘new year, new you’. 

This parma violet trouser suit from Zalando is perfect for taking you from the office to drinks.  

The key to colour clashing is to choose opposite shades that naturally complement each other. With purple, that could be yellow, orange, green or turquoise. You don’t even have to stick to one. Valentino, Versace, Richard Quinn and more featured bright and beautiful colour palettes, painting in big bold strokes rather than discrete pops of colour. 

Our designer has styled the suit with this cute crop top by Dries Van Noten in a zingy orange and paired it with these gorgeous green sandals from The Attico

Sophie Summer fashion composite feat. GUSTOKO By Paula Figueras Ribbon Clutch.

Slip-on some flats for the day, and turn up the heat with these sassy sandals after hours. 

Finishing the look perfectly is the GUSTOKO by Paula Figueras Ribbon clutch in zesty citrus lime and orange stripes. Bright bags are predicted to be a key trend by Harper’s Bazaar. Biased as we are, there are few brighter or more beautiful. Did we mention it’s handmade? 

Bright Prints 

Pinterest picked up on the bright prints seen on the catwalks of Missoni, Mui Miu, Versace, and Dolce and Gabbana to name but a few. Often in the form of micro mini skirt suits, stripes, checks, and geometrics have replaced the usual ‘groundbreaking’ florals for Spring. 

There’s a slight Clueless vibe to this Oliva Rubin skirt suit that we love. You could add a pair of black over the knee socks if you wish to fully emulate Cher. Our designer has incorporated the bra top trend with this simple Naked Cashmere black bralette and chunky shoes from Cos. The soft prettiness of the LUXTRA  Ava Vegan Everyday Pouch complements the pink trim of the suit. 

Sophie Summer fashion composite feat. LUXTRA Ava Vegan Everyday Pouch.

If you’re scared of such bright colours, don’t worry, white is the new black. 

All White on the Night (Or Day)

Despite being opposites, black and white have a lot in common in terms of fashion. Most notably, they go with everything. Although white isn’t as easy to wear or as practical, it can also be styled in an infinite number of ways. White can be elegant, romantic, professional, sharp, soft or something in between. 

This long white shirt dress from Project Earth’s Acne Studios also ticks off Spring’s voluminous sleeves trend and can be dressed up or down. 

An item like this will take you through the seasons. Add layers such as boots, tights and a biker jacket for chillier days and swap for flip flops or wedged sandals as it warms up.

We’ve paired it with Tod’s boots, some delicate Edge or Ember jewellery, and the fabulously versatile Chila Bags Lunera Bucket bag.

Sophie Summer fashion composite feat. CHILA BAGS Lunera Bucket.

Regenerative Fashion

Sustainability is a trend 2022 fashion trend for all the major fashion houses. The need to tackle the climate crisis is forcing designers to pay much greater attention to their raw materials, supply chain, and the overall carbon footprint of each garment. 

Sustainable sourced fashion is set to give way to ‘regenerative fashion’, where companies work to restore and renew natural ecosystems. 

Examples include the planting of trees to offset carbon emissions, and how materials such as wool and cotton are produced. The use of waste materials, such as the AppleSkin vegan leather bags by LUXTRA also fit this description. 

Ethical manufacturing and supporting artisans are also key. Chloe and Phoebe English are just two of the names championing this movement. You can expect to see more natural fibres, eco-friendly dyes, and handcrafted items on the catwalks and the fashion pages. Obviously, we’re in favour of this conscious approach to fashion. 

Life(style) for Rent

In addition to repairing and upcycling, clothes rental is predicted to grow in the coming years. Burberry and Jean Paul Gaultier are among the latest names to join the high-end rental market, joining the likes of Gucci, Oscar de la Renta and Valentino. 

Shopping less means you can enjoy the occasional splurge on high-quality key pieces to update your style for the season, without contributing too much to the climate crisis.

On that note, please feel free to view our full collection of ethically-made handbags!


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